My 5 Games at the 36th Annual Kidlington Chess Congress!

Feb 5, 2013, 5:07 PM |

Over the weekend of 2nd and 3rd February I entered the intermediate section - u145's (under 1810 FIDE equ.) of the same tournament I entered last year; but last year I entered the u120's (1610) section being graded est.110 ECF (1530). However this year despite my official grade "only" being 116 ECF (1578) because that was my first official grade and haven't been regraded yet, I could have entered the u120's again and probably won it (got 3.5/5 last year).

But as you know I relish the challenge so (in my mind) knowing my own abilities I had to enter the u145's so the 5 games I would play would all be hard and interesting games and therefore more fun! If I was just motivated by prize money I would have entered the u120's no-questions-asked but that's not me... Wink



So pretty happy so far to draw against a 132 and get off the mark with half a point Smile



Lovely game and perhaps my strongest game of chess I've ever played!! A lovely crushing queen's Indian smashing up a 142 made me on 1.5/2 going into round 3!! Cool - officially my best-ever win and best upset!!



My first loss... almost inevitable really at some point during the competition facing yet another 142... I definitely didn't take the loss to heart though I just headed home for some RnR on 1.5/3 (50% and happy because that's already better than expected of a 116) and prepared for rounds 4+5 the next day. Smile



Another loss... and against a 128 I should have won this really but it was my own fault for miscalculating the series of exchanges and missing the vital tactic. So now on 1.5/4 and still relatively happy, in my head I knew I had nothing to lose in round 5 and was preparing to smash out a Nimzo-Larsen attack with white and at least get a draw and finish on 2/5.

But - I had the black pieces AGAIN against ANOTHER 142!! So 3/5 of my games are against 142 ECF graded players OMG!! Foot in Mouth So, the remedy of course is another solid queen's Indian (if he plays 1.d4)...



So despite my horror after running it through Houdini that I missed the (escentially) free queen on move 13 I was very happy that I played an almost computer-perfect game apart from move 13. Unlucky 13 lol!!Laughing (In 2013!)

Seriously I sent the PGN to loads of people and even I was laughing my head off that I missed it!! But that is what fatigue can do to a mere mortal lol Tongue Out

So overall finished up on 2.5/5 so 50% still and a tournament performance grade of 137 ECF (1746 FIDE) !! VERY HAPPY!! Cool