Oxford RapidPlay 2011

Oct 30, 2011, 11:31 AM |

I played in an OTB tournament in my local city, the RapidPlay 2011, which consisted of 6x 1h games (30 min on each clock). This is my first tournament as an adult, my first tournament in 14 years to be exact!! I didn't do too badly... gaining 2/6 points, beating 2 lower-rated players and losing to 4 higher-rated players.

I was outclassed in game 1... I played well in game 2... I was again outclassed in game 3... I got a nice quick win in game 4... I blundered a winning position in game 5 - which I should mention was easily my favourite game of the whole tournament despite losing, in fact game 5 was probably in my top 10 favourite OTB games I've ever played... and completely threw game 6 because of hunger, tiredness and general fatigue.

It was definately an experience... one I certainly plan on repeating!! So, here are my 6 games, all nice and annotated - ENJOY!!

I hope you enjoyed looking at these games, as a slowly-improving player, it is good to look back over tournament and league games so I know where I go wrong, or play a strong tactic, and use this knowledge so I don't make the same blunders again! Or at least try not to... Smile