The King's Gambit - Live Sessions!!


That's right - a Live Sessions!! The King's Gambit is awesome, only for the brave (or foolish!), not for the faint-hearted - and this was a live game! Like all my games, they have their mistakes, but with the King's Gambit being a part of my reportoire, I am particularly happy with this 21-move game because the direction of my attack and sacrifice that helped finished off my opponent (who I will not mention for obvious reasons) is worthy of at least one - (!) exclamation if not two!! Smile

The time control was 15 minutes on each clock with no bonus time. I prefer playing under this time control because you must use your time wisely - no moving around ultra-quick just to get time back on your clock if it starts running low...

This blog is a continuous work in progress, because if I produce any more crazy King's Gambits, they will go in here!