desire to grow help

desire to grow help

Apr 8, 2008, 3:36 PM |

well I have been studying and I have hit a wall in some ways...

I have posted another blog called future champ soon or something I don't know

if these run side by side or what anyways.... I think I need to study something

specific... For example pawns and how the end game/structures are.... find some expert books on it... end game books or something... I am just feeling a little

foggy and the air in my quest to be best tire is flat.... I am a little, Frown  about

my future talent and chess for some reason.... I desire to break the 2000 rating

and I Am just missing something so big in my game I can almost feel it but cant

see it.... I think I am also a little confused or lost on how lines or chess play out in openings, how they extend into mid games and aspects of breaking a 1700 feel

in a game that when I play focused is strong... but I MUST find the rest of what's missing somehow... I know some people say just play though it... I dont know if this is the way to do so... let me give you the deep thought below my reasons why one should study for a while to break the road block...

 --------------------- OK

              WHEN you work out, and the goal is an 8 pack of abs, or you desire

to be sexy..... or just in shape.... get a hot looking woman or to attract a person you are attracted to by improving your looks... or to be healthy.....

  ------- Sometimes a person trys so hard, they do the working out a little wrong,

they dont know about juice fasting, sugars, feasting, expert web sites, how to work out... amout of arobics they must do to see the much fat, protiens, cabrs, complex etc... point is... they go for so long messing things

up.... and there is someone out there that has that certain body they would love to have and did it looking worse than did.... and well...  it's not that all the effort they did was a waist but it could have created a diffrent result but somehow they just got trapped into the pattern that adresses the emotions

they have or the emotions they are getting back from the goal...

    I just wonder if I am missing something large....I feel I am but I desier to give it an independant search first....I have beat some higher ranked people but

my focus as well is still off.... I Am new here... on this web site...I played a few games on here as well....  fun web site.... well... I am going to play a few games

keep a better journal, visit my local chess club here in detroit michigan... and

play some online games as well.... study them.... and ponder what is so off for a while.... if anyone has ever been stuck at 1700 let me know... I have been studying for about 1 year for real....playing half focused or hardley focused or

I wouldn't even call it playing rated chess for 3 or 4.... but I am trying to get

into tourney chess.... and be a high rating and it's hard because allot of the players that are 2300 will say if a person studys and focuses on the game they

can rise there game to the 2000 level... like it's easy I don't see this at the moment.... any input will help... if you have been there please help... I will

share my findings with others who are stuck as well.. thanks all..... felt good

to let off a little steam...