world champ soon

world champ soon

Mar 23, 2008, 4:21 AM |

Hello everyone... Money mouth I am feeling excited about chess and life and this blog...

  This is my first blog... guess I have been living in a cave or something but I will

attempt to explain myself and my envisioned journey.  I plan on being world  champ one day or even top 50 best in the world... I know some of you have spit

your coffee drink out reading that, but I believe my mind and the chess board have met for a reason.  Having said this I struggle in the HOW aspect of reaching this goal... I know some of the basics... and I have about 30 hours a week to give just to the study of chess or more.... I have found the following helpful but please email me if you can think of more ways to get me or yourself to 1#.

1. I play and it's ugly at times... ( FOCUS THE BIGGEST HURDLE! )

2. I examine open play, lines about 10 hours a week ( struggle to recall them all )

3. I have heard to take 100 of the best games and memorize them from start

to finish helps?  or 500 games or 1000? ( still open about this idea and it's a goal )

4. I have read studying the end game in deepth helps with your middle game?

5. pawn structure books, and the end game ....

6. studying your own games to find where you were off...

7. getting to be part of a chess club, events...

8. I found a chess web site that has chess tactitics, etc like polgars book

i use this site often and find it to be helping somewhat it has 30,000 puzzles

9. I have even thought about lessons, to get feedback because I can't break the

2000 marker and it's frustrating, so I can learn what I am doing wrong etc...


   This is where the blog takes open form.... The above are goals,  I play against

the computer on here at HARD level and beat it....most the time.... I had to

post what my rating is... so I put 1800 my reason for that number is I believe

I can play at that strength...   but I could be 1700 to 1800.  


    I would like to know about fritz as well... I keep reading in blogs, and web

sites which feature other gm's and masters about fritz... about lines being examined and I would like to gain some understanding of this...

   As well... I play blitz chess better than my slow chess, I FEEL I am higher than 1800 at blitz but need to find out....

So is it better to do all forms of chess....

i.e blitz, 10 min, 20 min, tourney, and correspondence   chess?

( for those that don't know what correspondence chess is it's make a move each

day or week etc... it's over time chess 1 wrong move, you loose chess. )

   and each player thinks about the move with great deliberation and within this I feel one could learn to visualize the board etc....

    My yahoo rating on chess is close to 1900, I have no idea if this is a good

showing of my strength.... as well.. I loose games that I Shoulden't for reasons

of focus.... I would love it if anyone has won the victory over focus issues...

I have such a drive for attack, and excitement I find it hard to nestle down

and really look, deeply as I must at the complexities of the possible combinations.

Having said that I find exellent sac, or complicated long thought out combinations.. I can see them I guess I must begin to learn to see the players

board at a much deeper level... Well I hope all of this banter was interesting...

I take this world of chess very seriously but I enjoy it just as much... I am in my

30's and this may explain to some readers why I say some of the things I have said.... but I find no better mind work out than chess... and for me it relieves

my stress.... helps me to get out of my world so to speak... I will not relent

on my goals to be one of the top minds in chess...but for now I am just in awe

of the moutain I must climb....  I also in a way skipped playing masters...

or people who are WAY ABOVE me... I am taking a long while to have something

to show them.... I played with some 2200 level players and got killed.... but

I have some close games.... since those meetings...which were 9 months ago

I have spent 40 hours a week for 9 months of study and feel I would give them

a much stronger game...  I am in michigan now... but I was playing in santa barbra... there was a gentleman who I won't say his name who was ranked at

one time 2500+ playing him was a mind trip... it never was close, but when he spoke about the hours and years of study, the lack of money, the mind bending

reality he had to face about not being in the top 50... it's like he was a ghost

or something... I guess there is an abundance of 2500 rated players in the world

( I know that's not true but anyways )  he lived chess, and had that mind so to speak... it was just awesome to see his openings... a work of art... he would play speed for low doallar amounts i.e $1, etc and give the person 8 minutes to his

2 minutes and have time to spare... ( trick was he knew his moves while the

other player was using their clock..tricky.. )  But it was just something to see

each opening broken apart and some agressive plan hatched because of it...

His defence was always 1#, his attacks very clear.... anyways.... TILL  next

time hope you enjoy your chess... I will field questions, comments and I don't mind if you are blunt... bring it on... but if you are above 2000 rating... or

even 2200 and above and desire to play me, give me feedback, or anything!

even give me homework, look into something for you... share what's worked

for you...please by all means, say hello... I feel I am a nice person who has

exspansive goals so I am a part of life.... that is the reason for my moxy, it's not that I am imbalanced or too agressive, I just have a very firm grip of reality,

and of what I know I can accomplish and will not be shaken... be well all,

happy easter and please I will respond best I can to all thanks,

q of d!

p.s I can't spell, my grammer is off, but my soul is on fire...hope you enjoyed

this blog as much as I did writing it!