World Chess Championship 2012 in India

Well if everything goes as planned India will finally host it's first chess world championship match.

Tamil Nadu state which produced 10 GM's will host the event at chennai.

Chennai's Vishwanathan Anand vs Boris Gelfand

state CM has accepted to offer

20,00,00,000 Rupees for conducting the event.

World Champion finally defends his title at his birthplace.

Chess was invented India.India hosting the World Championship for the first time is really amazing.elephants are rook now but the champion is still Indian.


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    Ah, interesting!  Thanks :-)

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    Borg Queen, in Indian numeral system, the first comma is placed after 3 places then further commas are placed after 2 places. 

    1 hundred thousand in international numeral = 1 lakh in Indian numerals

    100,000 = 1,00,000


    1 million = 10 lakhs

    1,000,000 = 10,00,000


    10 million = 1 crore

    10,000,000 = 1,00,00,000


    and so on.

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    I was kinda pointing out how you had an inconsistent amount of zeros between your commas.

    I didn't really care how much it's worth since I get exactly zero, so meh!

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    20 crore rupees divide it by (approx 45) u get in dollars.

    4,490,000 USD. used a software.

    You know if this sounds big we found treasure in a temple at kerala which is worth

    1lakhcrores ie 100,000,00,00,000 Rs.

    too many zeros right we invented zero's might aswell use it. 

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    How many rupees?  ^_^

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