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Love may change you.

Love may change you.

Oct 24, 2013, 11:05 PM 0
Love is so strong especially when it’s true with the right person. It can change your entire life. It can make you adjust in many things. It can shape you into a different a person. It can make you change your behaviors. It can make you do things you’ve never thought of. It can teach you many things like how to care, how to sacrifice, how to give without expecting in return, how to appreciate, how to be patient, how to love yourself… It can make you discover yourself. It can make you quit some of your habits. It can make you limit yourself from some of your friends. Love can and even makes you cry. Love can give you everlasting incurable pain. Love can make you be jealous. Love can make you think of doing strange things like committing murder, suicide… Love can break your heart and at the same time it can heal it. Love can make you move to places that you’ve never thought of going to. It can make you meet new people. It can make you promise the impossible. It can make you lie and it can also make you lose your dignity. Love can make you heartless and sometimes bitter.

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