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Chess. Land of the Brave.

Chess. Land of the Brave.

Mar 24, 2015, 12:33 AM 3

It's a wonder though. We live for the thrill. We always seek out pleasure and often go out of our way to find it. Irony of it all is Chess can be the thrill of your lifetime. It is sheer entertainment; a true testament to our being sentient and competitive nature.

There's no better feeling than besting your opponent. Testing your wit against theirs. Surviving their attacks and countering with stronger ones. Sitting across the board from friend or foes, usually quiet and attentive. Quite the contraire from the intense battle, assaults and manouvres taking place on the board.

How good it would be to be that crucial pawn that struggled across enemy lines to earn promotion to a queen, or to be the minor piece that carried out a successful fork or discovered check that tipped the balance ultimately ending in a win.

All this we do For just two simple words "Check" and "Mate".

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