The Greatest Most Amazing Championship Match The World Has Ever Seen - Match #1

Jul 17, 2009, 5:09 AM |

So after a random choice, Nytik got the white pieces and I had to settle for the black pieces. Nytik decided to use the Alapin (or c3) sicilian to counter 1...c5, which worked out rather well for him. I have not played against the Alapin too many times so I did not know how to develop my pieces properly. This reflected in an inaccurate opening move, which I picked up on after I had moved the piece. I eventually lost the game by Nytik picking up on a big blunder of mine, allowing him to pin my queen to my king. However I believe that this contest is more than one sided and that I may have a chance, if i stop doing these stupid blunders.

Nytik 1-0 razorblade12