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Chess is Cool Tournament

Chess is Cool Tournament

May 14, 2009, 12:14 PM 1

I just joined a tiny four-person tournament called the Chess is Cool Tournament. I am the only one who is registered for it. Anyone who's rating is below 1000 (do not make fun of us), please join this tournament. I have never played in a tournament (except the one I resigned from), and would really appreciate it if it would start soon. I am also very excited to play against someone in my rating range in a more competitive enviornment. It is also away to boost my tarnished rating (611). Thank you for all of those people out there who actually read this blog, and continue to read my "blog" in the future. Thanks againLaughing


Aside from that, the I am now in the worst tenth of a percent on chess.com. I am going to try to make the largest rating increase over the period of a year in the history of chess.com, and at 611, I have a lot of room for improvment. 

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