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Tournament Coming Up Next Weekend!

Tournament Coming Up Next Weekend!

Nov 19, 2009, 5:00 PM 0

I've only been playing chess again for a couple of weeks now, mostly online on my iPhone using the Chess With Friends app. Actually got my old (20+ years old) chess board back from my dad's house last week. 

But I did sign up for a tournament that takes place next weekend in a town about a 20 minute drive from where I live. I enlisted in the C category which is for players with a rating up to 1600. Now I have no idea what my rating is, I know I can play a good game of chess but I have absolutely no idea how I will stack up against players that play real live chess on a daily basis.

Here on chess.com I currently hold a rating of 1483 but I've only played a couple of games which I won with one draw, I won all games on my iPhone... but all this won't mean diddly squat when playing real live chess in a tournament. Like the one next weekend.

I'm nervous, sure. But I'm also excited, I saw the ratings of some of the players in that C category, they vary from 1200 to 1550 or something so at least I can do what I want to do. And that is to play chess with players of different strengths and have a good time rattling the cobwebs off of my brain cells. Now don't get me wrong: I HATE losing so I'm going to give it my best shot and then some!

Well, next week I'm going to play with the old chess board and pieces because I found out that playing 2d chess online or playing real live chess with a flesh and blood opponent is very different, and a wise man once said that chance favors the prepared (and the bold)!

Mad love, Renato.

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