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What To Wear At A Chess Tournament?!

What To Wear At A Chess Tournament?!

Nov 26, 2009, 2:18 AM 0

So Saturday I'm entering my first tournament again. It's been 25+ years although I don't really think it changed much. Sure the clocks are digital now, and sure, only few people use a pen and paper to write down their moves but I bet I'll see the same cardigans, blouses, glasses and unisex sweaters there.

Now I can adjust to my surroundings and search my closet for an outfit that'll make me blend in with the rest of the players. Hell, I can even take out my contacts and wear my black-rimmed glasses! But then again, that wouldn't be right. I only take out my contacts when I go to bed or when I train Thai boxing and I'm not going to change now.

Or I could dress as I normally would, in my colourfull, flashy hiphopelectro outfit complete with tilted hat and 80's buttons. The problem is that it would draw quite some attention to me and while that wouldn't be a bad thing if I were a GM or something it would prove "them" right: "a guy like that can't play chess, look how he's dressed, probably went clubbing till early this morning and came here to play chess!"

Mmmm, now where did I put that grey sweater and those black shoes I wear to funerals.....

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