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Aug 2, 2011, 10:20 AM 2

Pro -Football is back i am so glad the lockout is over. the Browns are in training camp and all of Northeast Ohio is gripped with Football FEVER! The High Schools are in 2 days now and the Colleges are back in camp!  What will happen this season with the Ohio State Buckeyes with the new coach? We welcome  the NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS to the Big 10! Right now i await my Fanasty Football Draft as i make my run to the playoffs in our 12 player league!  What will happen with the Cleveland Browns we have yet another new coach so a lot of questions have yet to be answered!     Go Browns! The other Ohio Team south of us in in a royal mess right now The Cincy Bengals what more will happen its a mess!   Go Browns, Go Buckeyes! Go Navy beat Army  Go Green-Bay Packers repeat as Super-bowl Champs!

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