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chess master v chess amateur

chess master v chess amateur

Nov 24, 2014, 9:29 AM 0

Chess video presentation of game eight from the book Chess master v chess amateur by former world champion Max Euwe. In this game the Chess Master is able to convert an advantage in space and development into a material advantage and although the advantage is quite slight, its enough to win the game. This is partly due to relinquishing the initiative through passive moves in the opening phase and partly due to loss of tempi by engaging in frivolous repositioning of the chess pieces. Other themes explored include opening up the king that remains in the centre, the premature pinning of the Kings knight and restricting the opponents pieces. Its hoped that many beginner and intermediate players can apply these chess principles and ideas in their own games of chess. Many thanks for taking the time to watch the video - regards MSK Chess (Robbie)

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