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European Chess Championships (Khismatullin v Eljanov)

European Chess Championships (Khismatullin v Eljanov)

Mar 10, 2015, 8:43 AM 2

"The Art of chess involves exploring possibilities bearing the game to a position in which the conventional values of the pieces cease to exist.'

The above saying has been attributed to former Russian world champion Michael Botvinnik.  What does he mean?  Simply put that there are some chess games where the value of the pieces and even their function cease to exist when chess enters the realms of a pure art form. For the chess player his senses become heightened,  logic has stripped away that which was merely mundane and the true nature of the position is laid bare.  Its this aspect of chess, the ability to transcend that which is merely physical which makes chess so appealing to the imaginative.  It is as Reti put it so eloquently, 'the triumph of personality over materialism'


With the white pieces is Russian Grandmaster Denis Khismatullin and with the black pieces Grandmaster Pavel Eljanov, from the Ukraine.  The game follows some cat and mouse, black allows a passed c pawn and white allows a passed d pawn. Around move 43 the fireworks begin with a very quite move.  White allows the capture of a rook, with check and a pawn two squares from queening.  Despite this his intuition must have conveyed to him that the black King was vulnerable and he has seen into the true nature of the position.  It makes for a beautiful finish.


Annotations by greenpawn (Geoff Chandler)



Thanks once again go to the artists and open source programmers who made this video possible. You really are awesome.



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