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FM Yuri Krupenski brilliancy!

FM Yuri Krupenski brilliancy!

Jan 17, 2016, 2:24 PM 0

The second round of the Keres memorial 2016 witnessed an outstanding tactical solution to a position that was being somewhat dominated by the black pieces.  Our hero this time the Estonian Fide Master Yuri Krupenski playing the formidable world famous Israeli Grandmaster Boris Gelfand.  Here he is below with the craziest Davy Crockett hat since live evah.  Lets hope the fashion doesn't catch on.



Anyway here is the position after Boris has played the very dubious 23...Nh5.  See if you can find the moves that Yuri found.




As you can determine from the full game the position was very promising for black, his heavy pieces were supported in the center and on good squares.  His rooks had control of the open file and had penetration points on weak squares, but alas we are human and prone to aberration and make mistakes!  23 ...Nh5 is a difficult move to comprehend, perhaps it was optimism or an oversight in calculation? who can say, but the solution found by Yuri based on the opportunity to take advantage of the strategic and tactical weaknesses inherent his opponents camp was a joy to behold and my hope is that you enjoy it too :D







My thanks as ever go to the artists whose material i have used to liven up an otherwise dry subject.  To Greepawn who provided the inspiration.  To the software engineers who produced the Linux distro Ubuntu Studio on which the audio, video and graphics were edited and to the youtube chess community for their encouragement and support  - kind regards Robbie_1969

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