Basic chess strategy : Pawn wedge II :  Levenfish v Kan, Moscow, 1927

Basic chess strategy : Pawn wedge II : Levenfish v Kan, Moscow, 1927

Oct 15, 2016, 1:24 PM |

This is a follow up presentation to the original in which we covered the positional concept of the pawn wedge.  In this particular game, black is the one that creates the pawn wedge in the centre of the chess board, however he fails to realise his own plan and white begins a counteraction.  White brilliantly sacrifices a pawn to get access to the light squares in the centre of the board and neutralises the powerful effect of blacks pawn wedge which rather than hindering the mobility of the white chessmen, becomes burdensome to him.  In the end Grandmaster Levenfish makes a single catastrophic mistake and fails to press home the win and the game ends up a draw.  Never the less its a beautiful and strategically rich game to play through and I am sure you will enjoy it.


Before playing through the game see if you can find the winning line that Grandmaster Levenfish failed to find grin.png



My thanks go to those artists and musicians whose work I have utilised to make an otherwise dry subject palatable and I provide accreditation links below where possible - many thanks Robbie (MSK chess)


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