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The Grand Prix Attack

The Grand Prix Attack

Apr 19, 2015, 9:33 AM 34

One of the attractions of The Grand Prix Attack playing against the Sicilian defence is that its direct, dynamic and straightforward to play.  White according to his pawn set up and configuration may go in for either a closed centre with pawns on c2, d3 and e4  and attacking on the wings or by opening up the centre with a timely c3 and d4, ejecting a knight if it ever found its way onto the strategically important d4 square.

In the game featured white a seventeen hundred rated payer makes a beautiful knight sacrifice in order to expose the black king and once the game opens up his pieces come into their own with devastating effect. Check it out.

Its hoped that chess amateurs can draw inspiration from such a game and perhaps seek to emulate a fearless attacking style.





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