Lothians Congress 2013


My games from the Minors section of the 2013 Lothians Congress. I got 3 points out of five games: two wins, two draws, and one of those annoying little idiosyncracies that is neither a win nor a draw. I got diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis last week and was playing through a haze of painkillers, so not bad.

The clunkers are game 1, in which I was steamrolled in about 18 moves by a smart youngster, and game 4, in which my opponent offered me a draw when he had a forced win.


Round 1: Siddharth Ramala v Robin Johnson 1-0

The only game I lost and, by an annoying coincidence (really!), the only score sheet I lost too. It was embarrassing enough: I simply didn't see a checkmate coming, and got wiped out in the high teen moves.