2013 Owings Mills Scholastic, Varsity Section


Time control: G90 inc. 30

My first round opponent, Alex Davydov, was a good friend of mine.

I sat down at my board and pondered what I was going to play. I thought about playing 1.e4 (I was white) but I knew that he played 1.e5. I would then proceed to play the Ruy Lopez. However, he knew much more theory on this than I did. It was then that I made my decision. I knew that he was a master of theory and knew all the mainline openings. I pondered what I was going to play and came to the solution. I would play 1.g3! This would take him out of theory and let me play by the imbalances instead of the opening book. After the game my friend analyzed it with critter and sent me the analysis. I have attached some of his comments as well as my own.

My second round was against another friend of mine.This time, I am the one who dominates.


Both of opponents are on chess.com. The former is Rybkashredder and the latter is foreverholdyourpiece.
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