2014 Baltimore Open U1700 Section 4.5/5

Feb 13, 2014, 9:37 AM |

Time control:

Rnd 1 Game/90+inc/30

Rnds 2-5 40/90, SD/30 inc/30 from move 1


I rushed into the playing hall about five minutes late to meet an empty board. My opponent, Lazlo Offertaler, had not arrived on schedule. I set up my clock immediately, but was not graced with his presence until about 8:20. I was pleasantly surprised to have a bit of extra time against my high rated opponent.

Round 1: 8:00 PM Friday


Wow! I had beaten a 1600! I left for my house and arrived about 1:00 AM. I instantly crashed into my bed. The next morning I woke with a start. It was 9:30! I was late! I jumped out of bed and hurriedly put on clothes! I pulled out my phone to text my dad but...what was that? Oh, it was 7:30. I got out my laptop and promptly fell asleep with my head on the keyboard. At 8:30 I actually woke up. By 9:15 I was headed down to BWI and the tournament. I played some blitz and then approached my board confidently at 10:45. I was the first person in the playing hall! I set up my paraphernalia and clock. I was ready for anything!

Round 2: 11:00 AM Saturday


So, that was actually my first exchange sac in a rated game. WOO! Go me! Anyway, I outplayed a vastly more experienced play with a rating high (40 points) above my own. I played blitz for a few hours and crushed Jablow and Wu 22 to 0. I also read through an entire book on the Morra and then in the ensuing 2 minutes refuted the entire opening. But let's get back on track. Ten minutes before the round started I sauntered over to my board expecting to be the first person in the playing room. I was wrong. The room contained one person...my opponent.

 Round 3: 6:00 PM Saturday

My opponent leaned in and spit on my king. "You're next kid", he snarled. Suddenly I regained consciousness. The dark car hummed peacefully. Shaken, I waited tilI got home to sleep.  His grim countanance would haunt my dreams for many moons. The next morning I arrived at the hall two minutes late. My opponent had his clock set up and ticking. But wait, I had played him before! He had crushed me at a scholastic tournament in January...of 2013.

Round 4: 9:00 AM Sunday

"Well, I'm not invincible", I told myself. Just then, my friend Jablow came up. "Pekarek! You're going over 1600! If you lose next game you will be 1610, if you draw you will be 1650, and if you win you will be 1680!" I jumped seven feet in the air! My goal had been reached! I finally reached the evasive 1600! "That's not all" he said. "You are already set to win $100! If you draw you will get $250, but if you win you will get $700!" I was ready to win my next game! My opponent would be lost before the game started!

Round 5: 3:00 PM Sunday


I am the winner of the 2014 Baltimore Open U1700 section! I am now 1689 USCF!

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