2014 Maryland High School Championships 2/5

Mar 25, 2014, 2:36 PM |

This was overall a terrible tournament, but I blame my results on time control. Two of my losses the first day were in good postions with no time left. I haven't played anything shorter than 90 inc. 30 since last August. Anyway, here is the first game.

Time control G45 inc. 30

After that dissapointing loss I was paired against a 1000. This was a tactical game where I dominated and came out on top.

After that awesome game, I was paired against a 1300. I got a winning position against him, but with only 2 minutes on my clock. I had to blitz, and missed a fork.

In round four I was paired against another 1000. My opponent played very poorly and I won easily.

In round five I played another 1300 but played terrible positional chess. I got into a slightly worse endgame, but my dad had arrived, and the game would take a lot of work to draw, so I just resigned.

My rating went down 80 points to 1610, but I blame it on the time control.

My next tournament will be the Potamac Open in August (Time control 90 inc. 30).