OTB lost against 1837

Nov 24, 2008, 3:01 AM |

In this game , I made an opening mistake by not considering "what do you leave behind" ,

I moved my bisshop and left a pawn undefended.

After the loss of that pawn I realized that I was ahead in development and thought that my position was better.Then all principles started to battle in my mind like ...

"hey you are ahead in development , atack !"

"don't let his king castle into safety, keep him in the center"

That's why I made another mistake , I moved my rook to keep him from castling instead of thinking about improving my pawn structure , I should have advanced my c-pawn first.

11. Nxc6 was another bad move , I traded a good knight and helped my opponent to improve his pawn structure ... 3 pawns against 2 on the queenside ... much better would have been 11Nb3 ...