OTB : IC3 narrow escape : draw with white against 1971

Nov 7, 2010, 11:34 PM |

In this OTB game I offered a draw after my 40th move , my opponent refused so we played till the very end , this means until time is up :-) 

This also means that from move 30 we started to think less and play faster because we had to finish 40 moves in 2 hours ...

After having reached 40 moves each player has 1 more hour to finish the game ... keep this in mind when you see some strange moves beginning from move 56 because we both got in time trouble ...Embarassed

I am not happy with the game because because of some inaccuraties ( and later in the game , time trouble ) I went from a better position to a lost position and at the very end i succeeded in trapping my oponent and force a draw ...

If someone can tell me what strategy I should have applied somewhere around move 20 , let me know please :-)  

I play white ...