OTB OVL1: narrow escape ... won against 1770 :-)

Oct 16, 2010, 4:02 AM |

How do you guys prepare for an OTB game ? I am sure this preparation is not what you had in mind ... First of all this otb game was on a friday = workingday , so when I left the office at around 18u00 with a game to play at 20u00 i still felt comfortable about being in time. A traffic jam half way made me loose 1.5 hours , the drive took me 2.5 hours in stead of 1.5 ... and the place where the event took place was so hard to find that I lost 20 more minutes driving up and down the road to find out later that I passed the place 4 times . You have to know that the rules say "when a player is not at the chessboard after 1 hour , he looses the game" ... you can imagine how I felt when I entered the competition room 1hour and 5 minutes too late ... I was lucky , my clock was started 7 minutes after 20u00 , I thanked my oponent for that , shook his hand and made my first move... with a heartbeat of around 120 because I run up the stares to the 3d floor like a madman Tongue out 

We had 1u45 for 40 moves and 15 min ko ... so in fact I started my first move under time pressure ... at move 25 I had 20 minutes left to make my 40 moves and at my 35 move I had only 4 minutes left ... Ihad 40 seconds left after I made my 40th move and then my oponent made a serious blunder  as you can see ...