Awesome news.

Mar 20, 2008, 5:39 PM |

Hey, everybody!  I have the most awesome news.  Well, for me that is.

Ok, so I've been going to this new chess club and there's this one kid who's parents are paying a lot for him to get a few hours of chess coaching every week.  I didn't really care that much, but he was kinda poking at me saying stuff like my parents could get another job or whatever.  He was kinda smug and didn't even know that they're working full time around the house to help my grandma who has dementia and it has gotten so bad, she's bedridden and only takes in 8 ounces of fluid a day.  So, getting a jod in town just to pay for expensive chess lessons wasn't exactly important.  Then, the club manager started doing a Thursday night blitz tournament.  I went one time a couple weeks ago, but it was kinda hard playing against people rated 1600 and higher.  I did come close a few times though, which motivated me.  I kept telling the players that it was a learning experience and I was just there to have fun.  I played this one older guy I hadn't met before, and although he beat me, he seemed to have a tough time about have way through our game.  Later, when my dad came to pick me up, this player went up to him and asked him if he'd consider getting me a coach.  My dad said it was too expensive and he offered to coach me for $20 and hour.  I was so happy when my dad said yes and I've been getting coached for 2 hours once a week for the past two weeks and it's been pretty fun.  I can't wait to see what's gonna happen now that I'm getting this extra tricky help.  Wish me luck!

-Rae out!