Got Grey Hair?

Got Grey Hair?

Oct 14, 2011, 6:32 PM |

Do you have grey hair?

Personally, I don't mind grey hair...sometimes it portrays a head of wisdom (though many times it doesn't...) and sometimes (like in the picture <3) it just looks hot.

The good thing is, I have a cure...sort of. My dad had grey hair (note the past tense) two to three years ago, and although admittedly he does look pretty good, black was the way to go, especially since my family is Chinese. Now, he has changed the ratio of his white to black hair to about 1:5, a vast improvement from about 5:2 a few years back. How did he do it? All he did was a simple and free excercise. (I do not gaurentee this will work for everybody...)

Well, around two years ago, my dad picked up on a hobby...and that hobby was acupuncture points! Now, you may have your doubts, but I think much of it works, even if the supposedly mystical origins or reasons for it to work may not be completely reliable (e.g. yin/yang). Chinese medicine and therapy is vastly different from the western world, due to it's focus on improving human body rather than attacking the bacteria/virus, and subsequently the body itself.

It is noteworthy to mention that the Chinese have practiced acupuncture, pressure points, and other therapy since over 4000 years ago. The story of how pressure points were discovered goes as follows:

A man had a massive headache, and he went up the mountains to pick herbs and roots to heal himself. Halfway up the mountain, he accidently stepped on a rock (he was walking barefoot) and started bleeding there. He found that his headache had lessened due to the release of blood, and reported this to the village doctor, and by pressing this point on the foot on subsequent patients with headaches the patients found themselves faring better. Doctors experimented with different patient problems...most didn't work, but when things did, they would continue using it. Eventually a network of pressure points was mapped, all due to the trial-and-error of the Chinese doctors over a huge period of time.

Blood is the "aqua_vitae". Without it, our cells would not get oxygen and any other nutrients needed for our existance. If the supply of blood to an area is decreased or even cut off, it becomes a problem. By pressing pressure points one is able to work the blood vessels and keep everything running. This has significant impact as recent research have linked this concept of blood supply to cancer-causing cells (researchers are attempting to find ways to limit blood supply and hence nutrient supply to cancer-cells, which will limit growth).

So how do you get good hair? You get a comb...and not just any comb. Preferable would be hard combs made from horns/tusks of animals (we use bullhorns), but combs made from wood and rock work. Even your hands are fine. Everyday, whenever you have time, run the comb through your scalp from front to back. Do it whenever you have time (my dad has done it around 200 times a day for two years and counting...), perhaps when you are watching a movie or TV show. The comb will not only take out the grey, old hair but also stimulate the blood vessels in your scalp. This is similar to massaging the scalp; it should make you feel relieved as well as comfortable after you are finished.

So now you know...what does it have to do with today's game? Well, just like the Chinese doctors who meticulously worked on their remedies for different problems, we can also learn from our chess games through trial-and-error and practice. Over a long period of time we can improve because we will understand ideas and have them imprinted in our heads.

In the following game, my opponent (playing white) and I started out symmetrically. However, I knew the plans and ideas for this structure, while my opponent clearly did not. The result? See for yourself. Laughing

I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did writing and playing!

Comments are highly appreciated! Thanks!