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Nov 7, 2013, 9:59 PM |

Why is it essential to take away the old siding completely just before you set up a new siding on the exterior partitions of your residence? The temptation to basically match the new siding on top of the aged is usually really substantial. If you have absent in for wood siding, you can simply drill nails into the same and set up the new aluminum or metallic siding on the surface area without any trouble.

Yet, this is only going to complicate issues. Installing new siding above previous siding is no various than putting on new garments above your outdated outfits and hoping that you seem great. The injury that the old siding will cause to your inside wall will be unimaginable.

Secondly, as the siding will get destroyed, it becomes a breeding floor for craters, pests and rodents. By simply concentrating on the exteriors and the aesthetics and not focusing on the functionality aspect, you will stop up with severe damage to the wall. Quicker or later, you will have to mend the new as properly as the aged siding and may possibly even be forced to change the complete wall. You can take a look at windows & doors to know more about this..

One more substantial downside of going in for this technique is that you do not get the prospect to mend the insulation of your house. The siding is typically set up to provide a gap in between the outer wall exactly where insulation can be pumped in.

The siding and the outer wall types a hole which houses the insulation. If you do not remove the previous siding, you would not be in a place to uncover out no matter whether the installation is operating properly or not. More usually than not, insulation settles down and finishes up making air pockets which allow the strength efficiency of the property to come down substantially.