All India Open FIDE Rated Tournament at Nagpur- My games

Jun 17, 2015, 7:05 AM |

Hi, I've decided to post my games in a blog here on, primarily for my sake, so that I can analyse my mistakes and also always access my games. But if anyone wants to have a read, go ahead!

You may have a look at the tournament from this page-

So, the first game-

In the second round, I threw away a good position but then tricked my opponent into blundering and won. Not the best win, but sometimes they don't come easy.

Third Round-

Agonizingly, I missed playing a higher rated by 1 board and ended up with a 1289, but he had defeated a 1600. So I was alert, and although it looked like he had a good game, his knights on the edge of the board were always waiting to be trapped, and so they did.

I lost my fourth round in a tough fight with a 2086, who is now crossing the 2300s. I was disappointed, but I also felt that I finally shook off the rustiness I was feeling after 7 months without no tournament chess after this game.

 I won the 5th round against a 1400 player, but took a bit longer than I should have.

Now for the highlight of my tournament- a draw with a 2202. Perhaps I could have played longer, but I felt that he would soon equalize with b3, and of course, the thought of a draw with a 2200 was overpowering!

Round 7- I lost another tight match to another 2000+ rated player. I felt I had drawing chances, but slowly he eeked out a win. This was a mammoth game, almost 5 hours long!

 This next game was rather amusing. I was paired with a 1111, but she had beaten some 1400s, so I wasn't overconfident. But the game was the wierdest and the easiest I had played in a long while. My opponent made some elementary mistakes and was losing within 10 moves.

Turns out she is new to chess and is good at tactics and such but has zero knowledge of openings and opening principles.

An intriguing and hilarious game!

In the last round, I was yet again paired with a lower rated player than the rest, but this guy was much stronger than his rating suggested. He was 1377, but he had beaten 2 1600s, 2 1700s, and drawn with a 2000. He was gaining 114 points before this game. I was really worried that any gains I had made before this (+26) would disappear in 1 go ( I would lose 36 points with a loss and 16 with a draw).

I was clearly worse after 15-20 moves, but fought back to equality and then won with a nice tactic.Phew!