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Respected people

Respected people

Jan 11, 2009, 12:39 AM 3


 I am very interested in chess. not a beginner ,but not a good player. i amt still learning the priliminaries of the game  I learned some of the basics of the game from my old friend Ajayan(Pattamby).

 Later I got to enjoy the game playing with my best friend mjeeb(calicut),  -(mujeebpc)-- is his user name ).
 It was he who introduced me to the wonderful world of www.chess.com
  Also gopalakrishnan(kollam). has been a good influence.
I look at the game of chess with a lot of wonder. We play by the same rules the same pieces and the same moves but in the end  it is always different.
I love chess and it is now in my blood. I am ready to play the game every day
Thanks Mujeeb for giving me such an oppertunity to know about these much respected chess people....
  I really love all...... Namaste

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