Tourney - Round 1

Oct 23, 2015, 6:51 AM |

I have certainly managed to achieve my goals in this tournament - I came second in my group and qualified for the second round despite ranking over 100 points below all the other players. I finished with a score of 4.5/8 which is better than my previous records so I'm happy. 

The first game to look at is this one. I won it, but mostly as my opponent made errors that cost him a rook and queen on consecutive turns. I made a particularly bad move on move 5 and got involved in a combination I had no way of winning. 

The other game I'd like to look at is one I'm much more proud of. I played my opening neatly, gaining a pawn on move 10. The next phase of mid-game was less effective. There was some advance and retreat as I was consciously trying to channel my inner spider and wait for a mistake. I do need to try to do this more efficiently though as I could easily be punished for making tempo losing nothing moves.

I did manage to wait until the mistake came, a hanging knight on turn 17. A few turns later we managed to block up an entire flank - the A-C files from turn 21 were held down by a knight, bishop and queen on my side.

The key move came on move 23 and after that point I feel I played at a very good level. The pawn move meant an uncovered attack on the rook. It also enabled the pawn to get very far advanced and dominate quite a section of board. I played the endgame and got a resignation one move before mating. There's a lot still to work on and I need to keep up this kind of play to pick up any wins in round 2.