Am I using a computer?

Mar 5, 2010, 2:56 PM |

So today I decided to play a live game ( by the way, I am once again on the fence about live games) and I put the challenge out there and a dude with about 200 points on me responds....    We play, and I'm making my moves pretty quick and not really thinking about them; I am also eating breakfast and doing my morning things at the same time.  So he gives me a are you using a computer deal?  He said something else at first.  The nerve!  Look at my rating and look at all the games I lose... No I don't use a computer butthead!  I did do the tactical trainer for about an hour beforehand.  So yes, I did use a computer before the game to sharpen my wits.. 

here is the game...

There is the game.  By no means was any move generated by a computer.  I think the chess computer would slap me for playing like I did.  I put it in for analyzing... I made 2 mistakes and 7 inaccuracies and no blunders (amazing for me) .. as I said.. the computer would slap the taste out my mouth!  

He had no mistakes and no inaccuracies but 3 blunders! 

Good luck out there!