Online Reshevsky Memorial; 3 people tie with 6.5/8

Online Reshevsky Memorial; 3 people tie with 6.5/8

NM scaryninja

Hi guys! Today my club ( had an 8 round swiss tournament, honoring Samuel Reshevsky.  The purpose of the club in general is for people to have something to do while staying in quarantine. Today's tournament got pretty exciting. So, the tournament started with 16 players. (We had more players pop up after the tournament started as well). In the first round, I was paired up against a player close to 2200. I decided to play the Berlin Defense so that I could get a solid position to begin with, and not blunder everything and lose the game quickly

There were some big upsets in the 1st round. Let's see some of the other games, since the 1st round is often one of the most important rounds.

In Round 2, I was paired up with a 2150 rated player who had upsetted the 2nd seed in the 1st round. I decided to keep it solid and play an exchanged slav with white.

In Round 3 I was paired up against one of the top seeds. I got a good position out of the opening, but blundered afterwards and found nothing more than a draw.

In the fourth round, I played against one of the top seeds, who was later leading the tournament. The game was pretty peaceful, and I was pushing until the end when I made a big mistake. I got lucky with the draw.


In the 5th round, I was paired up against a strong player that ended up tied for first!

In the 6th round, I got paired up against an FM. I had a plan to stick with my regular blitz debut; 1. d4. So far it was working. Let's see what happened in this game.

In Round 7, I played against one of the lowest rated players, but he was very strong. I played the Berlin Wall, but I messed up and gave him huge chances!

So, before the last round, @SlickQuickLiam was leading with 6.5/7, he was playing great chess. Me and @TanitoluwaAps116 were with 5.5/7, and we were in catchup distance, only if we both won our matches and if @SlickQuickLiam lost his game. That is exactly what happened!

All three results ended the way that would let there be a three way tie for the gold medal! Congrats to @SlickQuickLiam and @TanitoluwaAps116 and this was an awesome tournament!
If you are 1900+ and would like to join the fun, this is the link to that:
I hope you guys enjoyed watching the games, and if you want to see more of them, you can go to the official results link that I posted above  See you next time!