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Somewhere in between.

Somewhere in between.

May 24, 2009, 10:21 PM 2

I've been playing chess here since around he first of the year now and I really enjoy it.  I started out playing live chess but have all but quit there for a number of reasons.  I like longer games and so set my seeks for 45 min to an hour.  Needless to say there weren't many takers.  It seems that blitz and quick games are popular over there.  However when I did get a taker it seemed that one of a few things happened.  Either one: my new found opponent would not realize that he had taken a seek for such a long game. Or two; my opponent couldn't fathom that anyone could seriously look at a position for five minutes before considering their move.  On either of those occasions generally my opponent would get disgusted with me and after a few choice words ditch the game.  As well i have a rather slow wireless connection.  Thusly I would disconnect often.  Any way you sliced it I was playing a lot of ten to fifteen move games and not finishing any of them.  Very frustrating.

Then I discovered Online Chess.  Wow!, this was great.  I could look at a position for as long as I liked.  Even set up a board (or two) on the kitchen table and study the position from time to time during the day as I did my chores.  (I'm a stay at home dad so I have that luxury.)  As many games as I could keep track of and all the time I needed to make my moves.  I'd found a happy home.

Then a longing in me started to grow.  I wanted to play a game from cover to cover.  Sure I play OTB on Tuesday nights at the local chess club but I like to play every day.  So it dawned on me what I really want.  Something in between.  I would like to see a hourly time management function in Online Chess.  Something like 4 to 24 hours per person.  You could play and entire game in a day or two, focus only on that game, and not suffer the woes of lost games due to disconnection, or incomplete games suffered due to manic blitz players.  (No offense to you blitz players. It's just not my gig.)  Yes something along those lines would make an already wonderful place to play my favorite game nearly perfect.

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