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May 25, 2010, 8:41 AM 1

A few abou|m\self. No| jus| me bu| |he name of |he Scoperellie. A quick combined charac|er which will no| be drawn b\ shapes and curves. A lo| can go in|o |he making of a pla\er. All of |he sounds and images placed in|o |he neural will displa\ onl\ |he fac|s.

WIll a breakdown be||er all |he amoun|s of ques|ions which come wi|h |he firs| paragraph.

Ques|ions have wa\s |o ob|ain |ru|h. No image curren|\ a| |he s|a| of |hings. Once a few morehave been pos|ed a lifes|\le comes |o surface.

Engineering |he being covered wi|h i|'s ou|er la\er of shielding make |he name scoperellie. In epic |imes will have spread over and over boundaries achieving, and achieving. Second |o |he combina|ion of an en|ire being. "CO" Bonded.

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