My beautiful wonderful CREATOR JESUS CHRIST

Sep 28, 2016, 8:23 AM |

I love the the way JESUScreated everything on this earth. HIS. beautiful love for all is amazing. The smell of the flowers, the texture color so soft. that you have to be so gentle when u touch them. Just like with a lady, gentle sweet to be kind. I did not have a human dad in my life. I lived growing up learning everything from my grandma. To open doors for a lady, treat them with kindness, love, respect, to cry and let them see my feeling. To be a lover; I didn't date until 19 and had to leave Wyoming to do so. My child hood was not all that. this was with out JESUS in my life. I didn't go the my Jr or Sr promes and girls in school did not like me. without the CREATOR how could they, always sad depressed living in darkness. thaty was then 3 marriages did not last all without CHRIST JESUS.

Now I know the CREATOR and my life is life more abundantly and i have life not death I want to obey JESUS my beautiful CREATOR. HE alone took out my unclean heart and gave me a clean heart over night it seems. I love my CREATOR JESUS. I stopped cursing I wanted the word of GOD all the time and do HIS will not mine and through HIM I can love all things and have a new out look at HIS created world.

I look at sunrises and admire GOD'S love for me. DAD gave me fire red sunsets a couple of times to show HIS love toward me I know I will have a marrage that will last the rest of this life. with a beautiful wonderful lady that loves her CREATOR CHRIST JESUS and through HIM she will love me. I learned to play chess in 1999