ACC Summer Festival - Round 1

Jul 21, 2013, 11:12 AM |
My first game in Toronto's Annex Chess Club 'Summer Festival' tournament - my fifth rated OTB game ever, and my fourth game as black (between byes, etc.). Vinorth was kind enough to give an extended review with me after the game, and I tried to include the ideas from that review in this PGN, created with HIARCS Chess Explorer. 

I was mostly trying to focus on not hanging pieces and keeping my tactical vision as strong as possible for as long as possible - it looks like 19...Qd7?? was the big loser, but I was still satisfied not to have blown it until that point against a stronger opponent. 

Still looking for my first rated OTB win! If anyone takes the time to look through the game, please feel free to leave even your harshest criticism in the notes. And thank you for taking pity on a patzer!

{Reposted because one of my variations included a null move, and that seems to upset the PGN viewer here}