10 Things you didn't know about chess (NO CLICK BAIT!)

10 Things you didn't know about chess (NO CLICK BAIT!)

Oct 30, 2016, 2:11 PM |

You probably think this is click-bait, and that you already knew all of what I'm about to tell you, but that is not true! Read on, and be amazed.



1. Chesswithsean's YouTube channel is the best learning resource on earth. Listen to one GM, (GM Blundare Onboard) "This is just the best... I mean the worst... [SKIP], you should definitely... watch these [CENSORED] videos." Kind words those, (if you delete most of what he said).

2. Chess was invented by me. You might think, this is so dumb.... Wait, you'd be right if you thought that, lets move on.

3. There is now a new an even quicker checkmate than the fools mate, it's called the [CENSORED] mate. After 1. Nf4?? You have Qxe1# !!

4. Chess comes from the greek (or Italian?) word "chessio" which means, "The absolute best ever super 'mazing game ever to ever be invented ever."

5. Trillions of people worldwide enjoy playing chess. Isn't it nice to be one of them? wink.png Wait, there are only 7 billion, um, lets move on again.

6. Pawns can go backwards. If you don't believe me, you should try it at a chess tournament, you'll see how wise I am.

7. Some great chess players have never ever lost a chess game - they don't play chess.

9. I just skipped #8, so I guess this is not a chess fact, um...

10. I beat a GM in 5 moves.



    If you think that these were facts that you already knew, let me know in the comments.