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A one week miracle (bullet)

A one week miracle (bullet)

Mar 18, 2016, 7:53 AM 7

     In one week, my bullet rating has increased  by almost 100 points! Of course, I don't feel that 1600 is my true bullet skill, but it's still my rating!  Let's see the chart, shall we?

https://www.chess.com/stats/live?type=lightning  Set it to 7 days, and you will see the difference.   But, say that you can't see the chart (It has changed, for example) look here:


      Remember the good old days of sean being 1100 in bullet? Too late!


   Thanks for reading,

-Sean, the guy who is rated 1100 in bullet (in our dreams).


     Perhaps 1 day I will be 2200...

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