Almost 200 rating point gain in two days OTB

Almost 200 rating point gain in two days OTB

May 29, 2017, 10:40 AM |

  That's right! Almost 200 rating points gained in two tournaments in two consecutive days. Beat that wink.png. The first tournament was on April 29th. It was a 5 minutes/G. The next one was a 30 minutes/G, which was on April 30th.


//The Blitz Tournament on April 29/2017


25+ players


  Since my NBCA Blitz chess rating was 1850, I had to play in the >1800 section. There was however one <1800 player who was able to compete in the >1800 section... anyway, my point is there were no easy games.


  Things went pretty well, and though I can't remember everything, I did get to sort of the play the 2016 NB Chess Champion Sam Song, although, it ended early since the next round started. You could say the game was aborted wink.png.

  Anyway, things went okay for the preliminary rounds. How the preliminary rounds worked is that there were 2 games per round. One as the white pieces and one as the black. There were 8 preliminary rounds. Anyway, one game I had a interesting tactic. Below is kind of what it looked like:


Of course, the position was a lot more complex, but it's not like I had the PGN!! I also had another game that was like a delayed fools mate.


  Then the playoffs started. This time, it's the best of 3. For the first playoff round I got to play one of the better ones, a 2050+ rated guy. The first game I lost nicely happy.png. However, the next game I got the white pieces so I just knew I would win (Just kidding, of course). Anyway, I managed to win a minor piece. However, my time was ticking down, so he offered a draw. And I decided that there wasn't nearly enough time to win, so I declined the draw, and ended up winning wink.png. However, there was one more game with the 2050 guy, which he won, obviously.

  And so it was that I got the play in the consolation A group (aptly named, for sure). I eventually made it to the big match, for who would be the consolation A winner. This time it was the first to 3 wins wins (proper grammar, by the way). I lost the first two games, so it was looking rough. Then I pulled it together and somehow won 2 games in a row. Finally this was the game that would decide my fate. In a crazy game, my F pawn moved to far, my king was in the center, I was down on time... I lost too much material so I resigned, or did I get checkmated? I can't really remember. Anyway, after the game, the consolation A 3rd placer showed that I possibly had a forced win. Below is kind of what it looked like:



Although, that was not the position, it shows the main idea and that my king was in the center. There were more pawns and pieces on the board.

  Incredibly, I managed to win a book!?! I know, this is the book:


Creative Chess Strategy

If you would like to get the book, here's a amazon link.


Anyway, the result of the tournament was incredible. This relatively unknown guy (at least in the local chess world) won the tournament from NM Champion, the 2016 NB Chess Champion! The NM fell for a well known trap:


He won the next game, and the tournament. It was incredible wink.png.


  A few more things, the venue was practically falling apart. It was almost impossible to breathe, and there was cereal on the floor. I don't want to even mention the bathrooms meh.png.



New rating: 1941 NBCA

Former rating: 1850 NBCA

17 Games Played by me (I think)


//The Rapid tournament a day later


24 players


Recording: optional.


Yup, a new tournament the next day. Thankfully a lot of the players that showed up for the blitz tournament showed up for the rapid one, so I didn't have too much of a handicap wink.png. It was played in the same venue mentioned earlier which yeah I don't even want to talk about again... Anyway, as mentioned earlier, the time control was 30 minutes/G. None of this delay or increment stuff. Thankfully I decided to record the moves for my games, so that I wouldn't repeat the mistake I made last year ( where I didn't record my first couple games. Anyway, enjoy!


Round one:





CAPS: 98.51


Round 2:


This time things weren't going to be so easy wink.png.





CAPS: 81.98


Round 3:


My opponent was about 14 minutes late, so almost half of his time was already gone!! Somehow, he managed to get an edge, which then turned into a dead draw, eventually, incredibly ending in a win for me. Watch and learn!!




CAPS: 99.06


The game ended with a K+Q vs. K mate in my favor. I stopped recording mostly because there was no room left on my page. What a lucky game wink.png.


Round 4:


This time I got to play the tournament director wink.png. This was my 2nd encounter, and I was ready to win after last year's game:


Of course, I didn't want to lose again!! And so it was I decided to use one of my classic openings, the Scotch Gambit, which didn't exactly go so well...





CAPS: 95.89


I stopped recording before the game ended to save time. I eventually won on time in a tricky position. The game lasted for almost an hour.


Round 5:


This was the big game! The final one that would determine my fate... somewhat





CAPS: 96.66


Incredibly, I managed to win a book happy.png. Here it is:


The Art of the Endgame

If you would like to get the book, here's a amazon link.


  Thankfully for the NM mentioned earlier, he won this one with a nice score of 5/5. Personally, my score was 4/5, pretty good. I ended up in 4th place. My new rapid CFC rating is 1710 wink.png



Mean CAPS: 94.42

1 Loss

4 Wins

5 Games

Old rating: 1612

New rating: 1710

Performance: 1807





  It was a good two tournaments over two days and I earned two books, won 200 rating points, and it's 2:30 PM... If that's not 2 much for you I don't know what is surprise.png.


  Anyway you might be wondering why it took so long for me to post what happened. Well, I'm lazy so yeah happy.png. Man this blog took forever to write... 


Anyway, yesterday I just came home from another tournament, I'll have to write about that later wink.png.



[TL;DR Quit being lazy. If you want to know what happened, why don't you read what I worked on typing for the past few hours.]