Considering getting a premium membership...

Considering getting a premium membership...



   Should i get a premium membership... if so then what type? in this informal debate.


Debate #1 Should I go premium?


For: Why not? It's an opportunity to get better at chess and get a better rating.

Anti: But what's the big deal about having a higher rating? What's the point?

For: Well, if you become a GM you can get a lot of money... do you even know how much Kasparov was paid to play "Deep Blue"?

Anti: As you know, the only people that get rich of a chess is top ten GMs and/or the people who make the chess sets. plus, its extremely unlikely I'll even become a CM just from a premium membership.

For: Well, that's a point but, if you enjoy chess, then why not go premium?

Anti: Because it's not guaranteed I'm gonna get good.

For: You don't know unless you try...

Anti: But what if I don't like it?

For: Then get a refund!!

Anti: *resigns*


 Debate #2 What type of membership?

(for diamond) Why not diamond, think of all the lessons you could learn.

(for gold) For 1 month of diamond you could get a year of gold.

(for platinum) gold is right, but with platinum you get unlimited tactics... not so with gold.

With diamond you get unlimited access to GM videos, with platinum... nothing!

Well, according to, 99% of chess skill is tactics, so why the videos? After all you can get free GM videos off of YouTube... full length ones at that.

Look, they're probably not as good, right? Of course, who's going to spend the time for nothing, except subscribers, when they could earn 10$/lesson? Most of the time, they are simply ads for their products.

True but I think you'll be a good membership plan later when I'm more into chess (if that happens) so the answers is no!

but... *resigns*

Nice defeat over Diamond! though, gold is perfect for beginners i think.

Unlimited chess tactics and many more great features for just 66$/year.

25/day I think is good enough.



Draw between gold and platinum agreed.


                                                To be continued.