My conclusion after two years of premium membership

My conclusion after two years of premium membership



Post-Membership History


  I joined on April 8, 2015. I must say that I spent a good part of my time on the forums. For a time, I was one of the more active members, which may have contributed to me getting my account closed which happened somewhere around June of 2015. I complained, of course, and in the mean time I created another account. After a while of waiting, (a few weeks, if I remember correctly) I got a response from, informing me that my account was closed for false spam positive. Eventually, when I got my account back, I closed my other account, and somewhat resumed what I had been doing earlier, except perhaps a little less active. On August 31, after writing a blog on whether I should get premium membership or not, I decided to get a year of platinum.


Platinum Membership


  At first, I really enjoyed the features. As time went on however, I found myself using less of the time, instead preferring to play chess on I didn't do the tactics often, which was the main reason I went for platinum in the first place instead of gold. After a year, I realized that gold was a better price for what you get (for me at least).


Gold Membership


   A similar story with platinum. Most of my chess time I spent at However, what really helped me decide to downgrade come this August was the general response from the community here. Compare that with... this.




  I might get premium membership sometime in the future, but for the reasons mentioned, it probably won't be very soon. Premium membership did help me to improve though, and so perhaps when I have read my chess books I may consider getting membership again. If you have premium membership, I certainly wouldn't want to discourage you, especially if you feel you are improving. If you are thinking of getting premium membership, let me just say that is your choice. You may just love it.