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My first OTB Rapid tournament.

My first OTB Rapid tournament.

Sep 15, 2016, 9:42 AM 3

I haven't wrote a blog in a long time, so I decided to write one today. Well, I guess that's half the reason... Anyway it was a nice tournament. The time control was 30|0 For the first round, I didn't keep score of the moves (It was optional), but I did have a nice win, here is basicly what the basic position looked like:

         In the game, most of the pieces we're still on the board, but the important pieces needed for the checkmate is in the puzzle. Since our game ended early (I won as black happy.png) we played a few more games for fun.
        For round 2, I didn't write down the moves. I wish I did because it was a very nice game. I was playing as white vs. a 1900 rated player, and for a while I was up a pawn! However, my opponent somehow created an amazing attack against my king, so I ended up losing.
        For round 3, I decided to record the moves, so enjoy! I was playing as black. However, I made a major blunder!
       For round 4, I got to play the TD himself!! Of course, he had to leave the board often, so I had a time edge for most of the game. I was playing as white.
      See if you can find a way to avoid losing the knight.
         Round 5. In this round, It appears as though my opponent accidentally made 2 moves at once.
   It was a nice day, I played 3 player bughouse. (Where I play both sides of my team happy.png), taught 2 people how to play atomic, but they soon got tired of playing me...

So I was in 9th place (out of 25), and, my CFC rating is 1612. I also won a book for being top U14 (I think).  Anyway, thanks for reading.

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