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Opposite colored square bishops in the endgame

Opposite colored square bishops in the endgame

Apr 14, 2016, 9:18 AM 2

       I decided to write sort of a blog. (But I'm a chess player, not a writer!) In this blog I will show I game I just played where even though I was up a pawn I ended up drawing.


       Game one Kramnik vs Kasparov

An interesting point : the pawns on the B file were on the same color square as the bishops!
For example; the white B pawn (Or whites only pawn) was on the same color as whites bishop. (And likewise with black's B pawn.
Lets take a look at my game (correspondence game) that I managed to draw, even though I was a pawn up! (Although I could of easily won, so could my opponent, so I'm happy for a draw.
I must say I'm happy to draw be cause I was losing very badly.
The reason opposite colored bishop endgames
are usually drawn is due to the fact that the bishop can't
protect the squares that the opponent's opposite colored
Consider the Kramnick-Kasporov game. Lets say they had the same colored bishops. (Note I mean same square color)

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