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    • Campionato italiano di scacchi 2016

      — Il Campionato Italiano Assoluto (CIA) di scacchi 2016 si terrà dal 6 al 19 dicembre a Roma presso l’Eurostars Roma Aeterna Hotel. Quest’ultimo è un albergo a 4 stelle, ubicato sulla Via Casilina, che dispone di più aree interne, di va... | Read More

      • Sentenzio
      • | Aug 29, 2016
    • A guide to the chess Olympiad – Part II

      Foar Part 1, click here.     In the last article I described the basics of the chess Olympiad, and mentioned that it used to be dominated – almost tediously so – by the USSR. But the chess world is different now an... | Read More

      • smurfo
      • | Aug 21, 2016
    • 4 Reasons to Play Bullet

      Yesterday I finished my 1000th rated bullet game on Luckily, I was able to win that one due to an early blunder of my opponent. The opinions about bullet chess differ extremely: While it is great fun for some people (f.e. me), other... | Read More

      • Adrochatio
      • | Jul 7, 2016
    • Cheating accusations from a FM

      Recently there have been alot of people claiming i have been using chess engines in blitz play, and it escalated a moment ago when i beat a certain FM under the nickname kot 60 2-0. In the second game he claimed i was using computer help and that ... | Read More

      • vjecspec
      • | Jul 6, 2016
    • Chess and eSports?

      Chess. E-Sports. What are these two things, really, and why are they mentioned together? First of all, you may ask, what is chess? Seeing as you're on, I'll assume you already know. Hopefully. But what is E-Sports? Is Accor... | Read More

    • Stories about chessplayers.

      Kholmov used to produce brilliant games and now and then could beat any of the Soviet elite..........when he was not altogether drunk. From the long list of stories and jokes arising from his habit, here is one as told by Karpov: The game starts ... | Read More

      • jengaias
      • | Jun 20, 2016
    • IM Michael Lee Simul game

      Here is my game from the Michael Lee Simul on 6/11. Before the simul, IM Michael Lee gave a good lecture with great analysis of two of his games, one of them a win against a GM. The event location was good (the same room as the state champions... | Read More

    • Dealing With Online Chess Cheaters

      Unfortunately, like all sports, there will always be unsportsmanlike people willing to cheat, and chess is no exception. I've been on for a couple of months now, and since my rating passed 1800, I've started to notice, or suspect, the ma... | Read More

    • Game Collection

      Patzer Opening gone wrong Super GM Hikaru vs Patzer After opening blunder this person's accuse me of cheating..LOL | Read More

      • patzer5716
      • | Jun 4, 2016
    • another cheating trick?

      OK. I just played a game of bullet chess. I got so sick of the cheating on bullet chess that I set up a camera to video the games. First game I video, sure enough. My mouse starts working intermittently. Not a good thing in one minute games. The... | Read More

    • Campionato europeo femminile 2016 (speriamo bene...)

      — Il Campionato europeo individuale femminile 2016 di scacchi si terrà a Mamaia, in Romania, dal 27 maggio al 7 giugno pp.vv. Il sito web dell’evento è: Ma il sito di riferimento vero e proprio è allo stato attua... | Read More

      • Sentenzio
      • | May 9, 2016
    • 2 راهنمای جامع کاربری سایت

      موارد تخلف و تقلب در سایت  اطلاع و شناخت قوانین و سپس تبعیت و رعایت آن در هر جمعی از اساسی ترین موارد محسوب می شود که شما می توانید از این... | Read More

    • New blog on cheating

      I am an author, so why not start a new blog. I just finished a one minute bullet game where my time went from 30 seconds to 5 seconds. Also a friend observed a 3 minute game that I was playing thet other day and I was destroying my opponent.My f... | Read More

    • New Cheating in Chess: The Danov Case

      Today’s blog post I have devoted to a sensitive topic, particularly in chess, one that has been discussed and decided upon for the last few years. The matter to be discussed today is namely chess cheating. After a spike of tournament cheating ca... | Read More

      • TigerLilov
      • | Apr 24, 2016
    • Best super Fast Chess Engine Tournament 2016 Bullet 1m + 1s and Chess Engine History

      In Chess Engine History "Deep Blue" is the First Chess Engine Beat the World Chess Champion Grandmaster Garry Kasparov!!!     Deep Blue Chess: Deep Blue was a chess-playing computer developed by IBM. It is known for being the first piece o... | Read More

    • Tactics

      Really. I've created a lot of attention because I have been drawn to the chess tactics. I've memorized the puzzles. I'm not sure what the cheating is. I've memorized the puzzles. I could probably get to ten thousand. I have been on this site for o... | Read More

    • GM Daniil Dubov discusses the Candidates' tournament and cheating in chess The interview was conducted on March 16th. Daniil Dubov: This tournament is so depressive that this is the most interesting thing. Maria Manakova: "This"? What are you talking about? DD: Is Maria Manakova actual... | Read More

      • Spektrowski
      • | Mar 24, 2016
    • Chess Merit Badge Tips: Chess Etiquette

      Several traditions and rules in chess reinforce the ideal of treating your opponent with respect. The U.S. Chess Federation’s Official Rules of Chess (6th Edition), edited by Tim Just, describes the rules that govern tournament play in this cou... | Read More

    • Beginner chess

      Chess Chess helps in english and maths This article is about the Western board game. For other chess games or other uses, see Chess (disambiguation). Chess Part of a Staunton chess set (from left to right): a white king, a black rook, a ... | Read More

    • Modern Correspondence Chess from the Inside Out:

      What is ICCF?The International Correspondence Chess Federation is the world governing body on officially-rated correspondence chess games. There are delegates from many countries that promote their own national or international ICCF tournaments &a... | Read More

      • FirebrandX
      • | Mar 1, 2016