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    • Tactics: The Final Frontier

      Many people ask the question, how long will it take to become a master if I started studying right now? Unfortunately, I don't know the answer to this question; there are way too many variables to consider. Fortunately, I do have the answer that w... | Read More

      • CraiggoryC
      • | Oct 16, 2016
    • Open Martorell, group B

      Recently I played my third slow OTB tournament. This was an U2000 tournament with 67 players in which I was the 56th of the startink ranking. It was the first time I do not play at the last group so my opponents were a bit stronger. Also, it was... | Read More

      • sharcashmo
      • | Dec 30, 2015
    • Late New Year's Chess Resolutions & Two Games

      I just went through the new year's resolutions I had blogged back in 2010, and sadly realized I haven't made much progress, really. In fact, I guess it would be fair to say my level of practical level has actually declined. The biggest factors wer... | Read More

    • Pawn Power in Chess, by Hans Kmoch

      I have recently begun reading Pawn Power in Chess, by Hans Kmoch - as I slowly work my way thru the book, I'm writing down observations that I should know or thought I knew but forgot as I went along.First off, this book has a bit of a bad reputat... | Read More

    • Recent Rating Spike

      I recently experienced a major rating spike (compared to other improvements, anyways...). My goal is to reach 1600 soon, and I recently defeated a 1700 and 1800 to get a 2 out of 3 st the Houston Chess Club... I think that my victories are mostly... | Read More

    • AoW

      One of the greatest strategy books ever written is Sun Tzu's "The Art of War". My goal is to ultimately design a system based on this tome that can be used with every move in a game of chess. The initial layout is based on the Five Constant Fact... | Read More

      • Reyth
      • | Aug 10, 2010
    • Training Update (Sort of) and proof that I'm getting old...

      I have been looking through the forgotten others in my extensive chess library, which consists of books that I bought that were out of my range at the time, other books that I felt were about to go or were out of print or hard to find; and the occ... | Read More

      • wango
      • | Aug 9, 2010
      • | 1 comment
    • Understanding Chess Notation

      Notation" is a method in chess strategy books that is used to describe the movement of pieces on the chess board, without needing a visual diagram of the chess board for each move. It greatly increases a chess author's ability to describe a la... | Read More

      • Zaman12
      • | Jul 19, 2010
    • The Art of War In Chess : Chapter 1 - Introduction

      One of the greatest strategy books ever is Sun Tzu's "The Art of War". Many businessmen, real estate agents, and modern army leaders have read and re-read this great book in order to understand it and to change it to fit their own needs. So ... | Read More

    • Bobby Fischer, America's only World Champion

      Bobby Fischer, America's only World Champion so far, was a media magnet who doubled USCF membership. Source of Information: The United States Chess Federation A Story of Chess (Especially in America) Internet Research By: "KingsEnemy" Chess ... | Read More

      • KingsEnemy
      • | Nov 20, 2009
    • Train Your Chess Skill Using Principles of Neuropsychology

      I was on reading chess books recommendation and I can across this wonderful and insightful actical by David Small. To me, this answer my question " how to improve pattern recognition and what books and software to buy. I hope that you w... | Read More

      • matzleeach
      • | Sep 24, 2009
    • April is now strategy month

      As I mentioned in my last blog I am looking to improve my chess strategy, what I believe is the biggest weakness in my game right now.  I have decided to start with Yasser Seirawan's "Winning Chess Strategies" with Jeremy Silman... | Read More

      • seuss68
      • | Apr 5, 2008