A Black Lion in Pain
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A Black Lion in Pain

Jan 23, 2018, 11:42 PM |

Winning isn't a sure thing

I am winning well over 50% of my games and as most people, talking about and showing won games is more fun than showing a losing game.


I've been a bit sluggish the last couple of days due to the flu and decided not to play. But my recent raise in rating keeps pulling and I want to keep the winning streak going so I threw in a game yesterday.

This game will show you what I was talking about when I said lack of focus for just a second can and in many cases will lose you the game.

My game setup and play was black lion all the way and reaching the end of the game I had calculated that the white bishop attacking my f7 pawn could be nasty so I had already before castling short decided that I would move the king to g7 the break the pin.

Let me just say that with that plan in my head I played on straight up hung a knight without even a second of thought.


Ouch ...

No need for such blunders. Not that I didn't see that the knight was hanging or that he could take, I didn't even give the position second of afterthought, just moved the king and sat there while he munched on my knight.

I then decided to let my foggy flu head rest and retired for the day.


Here's the game