Bedtime Playing

Bedtime Playing

Jan 6, 2015, 12:41 AM |

I played 3, 5minute games using my tablet from bed last night.

The result?


I clearly lost one game playing and the other 2 on time.

I'm having a hard time to get the 5 minutes to be enough. I used to be quite good at 5 minute bliztes but that was a long time ago. Seems like the nugget works slower now.

But I'm not so sure its just lack of speed causing my time management problems. I get the feeling that I'm having problems finding my way (strategically) in positions that are tactically calm. This results in me jumping from a thread of thoughts to anothe back and forth without being able to make up my mind.

And even worse, I more often feel like my choice, was the wrong one just after doing it.

So, more work on strategy from the lessons and keep playing!

Thanks everyone for all the great games!