GingerGM, Harry the H-pawn and me goes on a trip!

GingerGM, Harry the H-pawn and me goes on a trip!

Nov 26, 2017, 10:00 AM |

GingerGM uses the poor Harry the h-pawn as his tool to attack players to the left and to the right.

It started as something a bit funny when watching him telling stories and going crazy when attacking. It all ended up with me checking out a bunch of products SImon had and finally taking in some of his advices on how to do things.

How to survive more than 15 moves?

Good question and the answer is easy.

I had to learn how the play the openings good enough to not loose!

I started to look at theory again and it was hurtful. I felt like my energy and aptitude for learning openings was way to low for that method to work.


I then went with an advice from Simon!


I bought 2 of his courses. The London System and The Black Lion.


Simon gives a nice, modern explanation of how to play the openings in his courses. He furthermore explains the basic setups and plans instead of thousands of lines of how to play. This was a godsend. I could learn the basic setup in just days and start playing.

I'm not saying one can play on basic plans only but it will get you going. And with advices on important setups, positions and errors to avoid, Simon handed me the launching pad for my progress right into my hands.


The Platform on Witch I have built my progress!

Using The London System and The Black Lion as my only 2 openings I've improved faster and more in approx 6 months than ever before.


Add to this Simons Master Method 1 and II (at least selected parts of II) and you have the complete package I have used as a base for my change in playing method and knowledge.

Up to 1700+

I must say though that I'm running out of luck now. When reaching 1700+ or even more so 1800+ the opponents play in a completely different way. This is forcing me to reevaluating how I play and changing it.

I will stick with the London System, but play it less tactical and crazy and try to go more strategical. And the Black Lion will either have to be played only half Lion , without the crazy attacks most often and switch over to a more strategical versions or as my plan is now, probably start learning not one but actually 2 new openings for black. 


I've been looking at igers Modern for quite a while (I used to play the dragon back then) and then the Chigorin looks fun. I do think they will give me a better ground tos tand on as black.


More to come!