Good Results turning Bad

Good Results turning Bad

Jan 4, 2015, 10:29 AM |

I finished a trounament about an hour ago.

Very happy about the results as I won the tournament and with a bunch of good players (15xx-1800, good players for my strength).

Until I checked the analysis of my games :-(

  • I made blunders in most games, in some a number of them. All games had mistakes and in most cases a number of them.
  • And looking at how I won them, I found that my wins came from blunders of my opponents, not really from good play from me.
  • I missed a number of direct mates (ouch...) and in several positions where things were complicated and I was winning (according to my calculations) I missed easy wins because I kept on playing my line instead of actually revalidating each position for the best continuation.

What I need to do!

  1. Check each position for the best move and not do what I calculated 1-2 moves ago.
  2. Try to get the number of blunders down ...

This should give me a big jump in playing strength.

Now all I have to do is to do it :-)